Career advisor Hans Ulrich Gruber helped with a successful job change

Muhannad Shehab Eddin is now satisfied as a project manager at ROM Technik in Stuttgart. He has come a long way from Syria via Weimar to Stuttgart. He was supported by career advisor Hans Ulrich Gruber.

“After two conversations with Hans Ulrich Gruber, it felt like talking to a friend,” says Muhannad Shehab Eddin. Gruber had listened to him and supported him again and again on his way to his dream job. If he was a bit nervous before an interview. Or if it was not certain under what circumstances he could change federal states with his special visa. Today, thanks to the mediation of HR consultant and career advisor Hans Ulrich Gruber, Muhannad Shehab Eddin is happy as a project manager at ROM Technik in Stuttgart. A company that is a leader in technical building equipment (TGA) throughout Germany. ROM technology accompanies and optimises the entire life cycle of buildings.

“Project planning. Deadlines. Purchasing.”

His family has just moved from Weimar to Stuttgart and Muhannad Shehab Eddin has successfully completed his trial semester at ROM Technik. The project manager and studied HVAC engineer likes it in his current position as project manager for heating, cooling and sanitation. “The colleagues and the boss are very friendly and the projects are exciting and challenging,” says Eddin. He describes his field of activity briefly and succinctly as: “Project planning, deadlines, purchasing”. But this is only a small part of his responsible work.

Muhannad Shehab Eddin brings valuable experience to the company

With his professional experience, Eddin is a valuable employee for the Stuttgart-based company. Because he knows both sides: The planning as an engineer and also the execution. In Syria, he was most recently active as an entrepreneur. “He has already realised many plants with his company, including large refrigeration plants,” Gruber reports. This experience now benefits him in his position between the planning and execution of the projects. “Once you have experienced the practical side, you also like to see how something is created that was planned,” Gruber says.

Bringing companies and candidates together

The headhunter quickly recognised the wealth of experience and professional expertise that Muhannad Shehab Eddin could offer his clients. That’s why he approached the engineer about one and a half years ago via Xing. “At the time, Muhannad Shehab Eddin had come to Weimar through a special entry programme run by the state of Thuringia and was working there as a planning engineer,” says Gruber. At first, it remained a friendly conversation until Muhannad Shehab Eddin contacted the career advisor a year later. “Now I would be happy if you found me a new job,” said the engineer, who wanted to change careers and remembered the conversation with Gruber.

The recruiter then started looking for suitable clients and preparing the interview together with Eddin. With success: Today, he is pleased that he has once again succeeded in bringing together a suitable candidate and a company in a way that is satisfactory for both sides.

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