Time for a (job) change? – Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber gives career tips

In Germany, people change jobs less often and tend to do so too late. In his expert article, Hans Ulrich Gruber describes three reasons for changing jobs.

Many people regularly Google job advertisements, see potential for improvement in their own workplace or think: I would also like to work in this other company. But when is it time to move and actively look for a new job? There are some signs that the time has come, knows personnel consultant and headhunter Hans Ulrich Gruber, who regularly – among other things also as a VDI career consultant – supports candidates in their decision-making and accompanies them through the next steps. In this article he reports from his daily practice:

„How often people change jobs in their lives has a lot to do with the culture of the country and their own environment. In India, if a person changes jobs every two years, that stands for success and is practically part of good manners. German SMEs, on the other hand, appreciate longer tenures. And indeed, most people in this country do not make it easy for themselves. From experience I can say that they tend to change too late rather than too early. Often they are later annoyed that they did not take this step earlier. In this article I will give you three main reasons for changing jobs:

  1. When work is permanently stressful
  2. People make the difference: Do I enjoy working with my team?
  3. If there are no development prospects in the company

1. if the work is a permanent burden

The next career step, a better salary, an upcoming move: there are various reasons to look for a new challenge. One very important reason is that the work is a permanent burden. If you take the work home with you in your head or often can’t sleep at night for a long period because of it, then it’s time for a change. Because a permanent burden can make you physically ill. Or the other way round: why not look for a job where work is fun again?

2. People make the difference: Do I enjoy working with my team?

It’s usually the classic: a person hires on with a company and quits his or her boss. The managers and the team have a big part to play when someone is thinking about leaving the company. So with any new job, it’s important to know:

  • How do the teams work together?
  • What tools and role distributions are there?
  • And who will support me?

In the end and at the core, it all comes down to one question: Do I enjoy working here in this team?

If I can only answer this question with a „no“, it makes sense to look for a new team. Because in practice, it’s more about motivational factors and not so much about hygiene factors like the office or the salary. That’s why it’s so crucial to get to know your direct supervisor before signing a contract. And ideally also your future colleagues.

3. when development perspectives are lacking in the company

Often there is a lack of perspective and many issues have accumulated which at some point lead to the feeling: That’s enough! Despite all loyalty, one should not be among the last to jump ship. If the previous employer is a dead end and there are no future prospects there, it makes sense to change horses. For example, if the wrong products or a lack of technological development cast doubt on the future viability of the business model. Or the competitor is simply better positioned. Of course, also if there are no development prospects for oneself in the company.“

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