The dream position thanks to a change of industry: Sales Manager with creative possibilities (ihrPersonalberater Hans Ulrich Gruber)

To put people into a position where they feel comfortable and can perform their best: That is what IhrPersonalberater Hans Ulrich Gruber and his team are working for. For a well-known metal construction company in Upper Franconia, he placed a new sales manager.

„The contact with Hans Ulrich Gruber was very pleasant. After just a few conversations he had the right impression of me, my expertise and my wishes. He saw to me on a very individual level and introduced me to the right people. From the beginning we established trust, which was very important to me. After all, I was taking a life changing decision.“ In the current company the manager is very contend and already started to advance the sales department energetically.

Symbolfoto: © Shutterstock / cristovao

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