Success Story: Successful placement of two sales engineers in an international setting (ihrPersonalberater Hans Ulrich Gruber)

Personnel consultant Hans Ulrich Gruber successfully placed sales engineers for the Chinese and Russian market.

If one typical task exists for a headhunter, it is the following. A successful and internationally operating company with a strong specialization is looking for an experienced sales engineer with strong technical knowledge and a high affinity towards China or Russia. “To fill a key position with such a specific job description that fits only a few people in the world, was an exciting task for me” confirms Hans Ulrich Gruber. He placed two sales engineers for the international operations of STEAG Engergy GmbH. “What I liked about the collaboration with Hans Ulrich Gruber, was that he knew the business environment very well and was able to explain the background of the position”, says Mariusz Maciejewski, “This was really positive for me and his candour inspired my confidence”.

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